Serious about your voice?

If you’re genuinely serious about working on your voice and hearing BIG improvements, then we’d love to get you booked in to work one-on-one with Mark.

For those of you who are ready to get started on your voice, fill in the booking form below and click the red button to get yourself booked in for your bespoke private coaching. Alternatively, if you’re not ready to work one-on-one but still want to get started, fill in the form and click the blue button below to get booked onto our next introductory technique taster workshop.

You can read more about our clients' BIG results in their own words.


Within just a few sessions spent with Mark I began to better understand my voice and notice the improvements his direction had for my desire to better my lead vocal ability.

“It’s been particularly great to work on blending that divide us girls often feel between the ‘chest’ and ‘head’ voice! If you’re looking for someone who is relatable and approachable, someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about helping you to improve your voice, get in touch with Mark!”

Rachael C, singer and worship leader


After just one singing lesson with Mark my vocal problems were solved by doing simple exercises which strengthened the tone of my voice.

“Mark makes coaching sessions fun and relaxed, and he is very encouraging and helpful. My voice has noticeably strengthened and, consequently, my confidence in singing has increased. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting help with their voice.”

Mandy J, singer and choir member


“After several years with different vocal coaches I felt that I was never able to unlock the full potential of my singing voice.

“After just a few singing lessons with Mark I noticed dramatic improvement in terms of tone, vocal delivery and control which many others have also commented on. I am also able to hit high notes with ease that I once thought wouldn’t be possible!”

Kristian P, lead rock singer


You can read more testimonials from many of Mark’s other clients.


Booking Options *
You can either choose to opt for an initial consultation to get the ball rolling with one-on-one sessions, or you can book onto our next technique taster workshop to begin to understand what is involved in coaching.
Initial Consultation
This is a single one hour session to start working on your voice with Mark.

Once you've purchased this we'll be in touch to schedule your first session with times that fit your requirements. Just fill in the rest of this form then proceed to payment to enable us to find the best time(s) to suit you.
Technique Taster Workshop
This is a taster workshop covering the vocal technique that I teach, and is a great ‘dip your toe in the water’ way to sample what it’s like to work with me and the technique I utilise in coaching. The event is a blend between a presentation of the vocal technique, and a participant focused workshop/clinic.

If you're curious about how to better work on your voice and develop it, as well as taste this first hand for yourself, this is the event for you. You'll even get the opportunity to have your voice worked on then and there.

Only SEVEN spaces left


The main portion of the event will last approximately 90 minutes, with time before and after to get to know each other and ask more casual questions. We'll be covering the whole technique from start finish, by looking at the following:

1) Key philosophy of this approach (as explained in our prospectus) - Once you "get" this and hear it in action, you'll understand a LOT more about the issues you face in your own voice. This is critical to understanding everything that follows.

2) The vocal technique this leads to - Once you understand the philosophy of this approach, it's time to acquire this through the vocal tools we have in our toolbox. We'll be examining this more closely.

3) How we can build our voices - To sing songs well, we need to build instruments that can deliver what we are after musically and artistically. To do this, we need to fix issues in the voice and build it from there. We'll be looking at this in individual voices to best illustrate how this works.

4) How we can apply this to song - All the theory in the world is useless if we can't become better singers, and sing songs more powerfully and expressively... songs are the real "road test" of how well put together a voice really is. This is the application stage of the workshop.


Most importantly, I will be aiming to work personally with every attendee of the workshop. There's nothing like experiencing these things first hand in your voice, so if you have something that is tripping you up in your voice or that you want to improve directly, then this is EXACTLY the event for you to taste what this is like. We can work on your voice together then and there.

Of course, if you'd prefer to just want to sit, take it in and ask questions as we go, you'll be able to see how this works in exactly the same way. There's no need to commit right now, you'll be given the opportunity on the day.

The more of you there who want to participate, the more you get to hear how this works in more voices (very helpful for everyone!)... and the fewer of you who want to work on your voice, the more time I get to work with each of you on your: it's a win-win regardless. If in doubt, come along anyway and we can decide on the day.

Now because I want to make time to work with every participant, I will have to limit the numbers of spaces - I am currently settling on a max number of EIGHT participants.

This will be on a first come first serve basis, so please act quickly to avoid missing out. I'll be closing registration 2 weeks before the date of the workshop.


When: 10am-12pm on Saturday 27 April 2019
Where: Mark's Studio
Cost: £35 per person
Limit: EIGHT spaces

Our workshops regularly book up in 2-3 days, so act quickly to avoid missing out.

Bearing in mind that one-on-one sessions with me cost £139 for an initial consultation, this workshop represents the best value way for you and I to get started working together on your voice, and is a great stepping stone to working one-on-one together.

Only SEVEN spaces left

The above days and times reflect our current schedule of available session times. Please select at least TWO days that are workable for you. In combination with your preferred times given below, we'll provide a selection of times that meet/are as close as possible to your requirements.
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