About Mark

“Everyone can build themselves a better voice.”

More than just being a singing teacher and singer, I have a passion for music. I’ve been enjoying making music in various forms for over 15 years, and I still love doing so to this day. Music is a deep-seated passion of mine, as is singing. As such, I dearly LOVE working with people on building and crafting their voices.

“I believe that everyone can build themselves a better voice, one they can be incredibly proud of.”

Mark JW Graham

My musical journey began when I first picked up the bass guitar to help out some friends at church. From then I was hooked on making music. I soon took up guitar and progressed bass and guitar side-by-side. Vocals naturally followed shortly after.

Through various musical adventures I have acquired nearly twenty years of experience playing all styles from jazz to pop, rock to folk, fusion to R&B. This allows me to blend a variety of genres into my day-to-day work with clients. Whatever type of music they are looking to create, we can tackle this in sessions.

“Mark is amazing, and the fact that I, a relatively self conscious person, am able to have a go no matter how ridiculous the exercises might sound (some of the exercises really do sound ridiculous by the way) is a testament to Mark’s teaching skills. He puts you at ease immediately, he is knowledgeable, intuitive and fun. He has inspired me with the confidence that I can sing. This is incredible, after only a few lessons and 50 years of believing I can’t. If I can, then anyone can. Give it a go!!!!”
            Beverley Johnson, singer

“I did NOT have a good voice when I started”

Honestly, I really did not have a voice to be proud of when I first started singing. Like all good things, it took work. And like most things, if you want to improve quickly you need help from the best. So when I wanted to get better I sought out the most experienced coach and the most effective technique I could find.

The vocal technique I found was called Speech Level Singing. The originator of this technique is a man called Seth Riggs, and he has had a hand in shaping many of the greatest voices of the 20th century. I was astounded by how effective the technique was, and after a year or two being trained myself, I became certified in Speech level Singing. I then went on to become certified by the Institute of Vocal Advancement.

As a teacher, I continue to study with cutting-edge voice coaches from around the world to this day. If you want to know more about the exact technique that I utilise in coaching sessions, then you can find out how our vocal technique works right here.

The technique we apply in lessons gets the absolute best out of every student’s voice, and makes singing as easy, natural and as instinctive as speaking. You can click on lessons to find out more about how the lessons work.

“I continue to study with the best”

Over the years I have since studied and continue to study with top level voice teachers from around the world: Greg Enriquez, Spencer Welch, Jeffrey Skouson, Kathy Kennedy, Stephanie Borm-Krueger, Guy Babusek, and many, many more.

I teach and have taught a variety of different students all looking to develop their voices in different styles and to accomplish different goals, from choir members to professional performers, to hobbyists to band members, etc. I work and have worked with everyone from total beginners to seasoned gigging and recording professionals, whether male or female, young or old, lead or backing, choral or rock or pop, etc.

Everyone is delivered to their goals quickly and effectively through the approach we adopt in lessons. I’m pleased to say that the success experienced by my students over the years of coaching has led to a reputation as one of the Midlands’ leading voice coaches and singing teachers.

“After several years with different vocal coaches I felt that I was never able to unlock the full potential of my singing voice. After just a few lessons with Mark I noticed dramatic improvement in terms of tone, vocal delivery and control … I am also able to hit high notes with ease that I once thought wouldn’t be possible…”
Kristian Pugh

“My philosophy is simple.”

My philosophy is that the art of making music is no different than speaking a language. If you have learned to speak a single word in just one language then you can learn to make music. I believe we need technique that gives us an ‘uncoloured’ approach to making music, not just as a singing teacher. Every person’s voice is unique, and everyone has their own thing to say. My objective is to train your voice to enable you freely to create what you want, when you want, without even thinking. This is to give you an instrument with that level of control and health, one that lasts for life.


I’d love to work with you

If what I’ve said above resonates with you, and if you are as serious about your singing voice as I am, then I’m confident you’ll find what you’re looking for in our sessions together.