Putting in the reps

This is a simple tip this week, and that is the power of putting in the reps.

What do I mean by this?

So often people look for a silver bullet to either fix their vocal issues, or take their performances to another level, polish their songs, or whatever it might be. Now whilst there ARE certain things that can be done to radically improve any one of those things, the real development comes from putting in heavy repetition of those changes.

The best illustration of this is in practicing songs. Once you’ve learned a song, don’t just put it on the shelf, put in the reps. For example, every day you practice, do the same song identically 3-5 times in a row (the odd variation is fine, but go deep on the same version). This helps you strengthen your vocal technique, build consistency and discipline, helps you deepen the vocal fold co-ordination and get a thicker and more powerful sound… at the same time as making it easier to deliver that powerful sound.

Suggestion 1

A good thing to start with is finding 3 songs that you feel you have a solid handle on, then putting in the reps on each song 2-3 times each. This will take time, but singing more fully into each repetition will massively help you integrate those songs into your repertoire.

Suggestion 2

Another tip to try with this is (say) starting the first repetition of a song in a first key (that might be a semitone below your preferred key choice), then the second repetition take it up a semitone, and the third repetition a semitone more. That way you are putting in reps around your preferred key, warming up into a song, building strength, then stretching beyond that key.

Suggestion 3

If you can’t sing the same song through consistently 2-3 times in a row, then odds are on you’re sailing too close to the wind in terms of that song/key with your current technical capacity. Try taking it down a few keys until you can, or try adjusting the melody or arrangement of the song to accommodate your current ability level.

Above all, have fun with this approach. Putting in the reps SHOULD be endlessly enjoyable if you’ve picked songs you love and enjoy singing, so don’t see it as a chore!

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