Five Songs From The Last Week

We’re back for another instalment of five songs from the last week to share with you:

1. You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates

This is a golden-oldie, but with one hell of a groove, and a remarkable simple and accessible song structure. This is the kind of song I go in for in. I find myself admiring how natural the flow is, especially for how it transports the listener from start to finish with never a boring moment.

2. Free – Primal Scream

This song is also very catchy, and reminds me a lot of 10CC ‘I’m not in love’ in what the chords and melody do.

3. Don’t let the sun go down on me – Elton John

This song has been featured before, but as someone else brought this song in to look at, I thought it worth sharing again. As a point of note, the reason the melody of the chorus sounds so beautiful is NOT because it’s complex or weird; it’s actually the same 4 or 5 notes in consecutive order more or less, but the chords moving underneath make them sound far more intricate. It’s very beautiful!

4. Dream a little dream of me – Ella Fitzgerald

I had a wonderful client do an impromptu recording of this and I was very impressed by what they put together. As such, I thought it best to share at least one version of this song for your general enjoyment!

5. Superstition – Stevie Wonder

Need I say more? What a great tune. The clav groove is fantastic, the horns are doing their thing, but it also makes for a great solo tune. Either way, the original is fantastic.


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