Why can’t I sing as high as I used to? a.k.a. How a voice can go downhill

“Why can’t I sing as high as I used to?”

THIS is a question I get asked a lot. I’ve extensively covered the effects of aging on the voice in this article I previously wrote, but in this article I want to use some actual examples of voices that are golden voices in their own genres, but that have perhaps gone on to find their voices have gone downhill compared to their golden years. In each of these cases, I’d put this down to issues in their technique that maybe weren’t backbreaking at age 20, but at age 30, 40, 50 or older become back-breaking technical issues for each of them.

Note: It’s always easier to sing high and sound fresh when you’re young, the challenge is building your voice so it gets stronger and fuller as you get older rather than getting run into the ground through bad habits and poor technique, regardless of commercial acclaim that comes your way. Let’s go through a few examples I think show this issue well: Continue reading “Why can’t I sing as high as I used to? a.k.a. How a voice can go downhill”

Songs I Had On Repeat This Holiday

1. China Grove – Doobie Brothers

Without a doubt, the song I’ve enjoyed the most over this holiday. The guitar riff is cool, but the backing vocals are just fantastic. Pay particular attention to the chorus. Whenever the lead vocal isn’t doing something, there’s backing vocals echoing him or harmonising with him, and when there’s a gap, the harmonised guitars fill the gap with yet more call and response. It’s pure ear candy.

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Doobie Brothers – Live Concert

This is one of my favourite concerts by the Doobie Brothers. It’s recorded completely live, no overbuds or fixes. The live audio engineer did an amazing job.

Next time you listen to live music, remember that this is what the standard was back in the early 80s, so it’s amazing to think how few artists can deliver to this same standard despite us having better tech and nearly 3 decades of extra time to improve. Just incredible performance quality.

Five Songs From The Last Week

We’re back for another instalment of five songs from the last week to share with you:

1. You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates

This is a golden-oldie, but with one hell of a groove, and a remarkable simple and accessible song structure. This is the kind of song I go in for in. I find myself admiring how natural the flow is, especially for how it transports the listener from start to finish with never a boring moment.

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Recording vs Live Performance – Which is harder?

This year I’ve been getting back into recording tracks, mixing them, making them sound as good as possible. It’s a skill in and of itself, but when it comes to recording your own voice vs doing a live performance, which is harder, and which is easier?

Well, it’s not that simple. There’s pros and cons each way. Let’s have a look at them in turn: Continue reading “Recording vs Live Performance – Which is harder?”