Questions about getting lessons with Mark?

When it comes to looking for a voice coach, it’s completely normal to have questions that you want to ask. How much are lessons, where are you located, what does the first lesson involve, etc… which is why we’ve taken the time to answer the most common of these right here!

We update these regularly so please do check here to see if your question is answered!


Great question! The current price list is right here. Please do read this page through as it explains everything you need to know about why lessons with Mark will develop your voice faster than anywhere else.

You can pay for any of these options using the payment option at the Pricelist.

To find out what makes lessons with Mark different to lessons with anyone else, check out the full package of services in lessons.


In short:
1) Contact us and let us know what sort of times you’d prefer, and my PA will give you some options that fit your timetable.

2) Pay for your lesson time – To secure a lesson time as yours, all you need to do is let us know which time you want to book and at the same time pay for that lesson time via the website. You can do this buying a lesson or lesson package on the right.

It’s as simple as that! Items 1 and 2 of the Terms explain the booking process in full.


Mark conducts his private voice coaching from his home studio on Nottingham Embankment, and also provides lessons to international clients via Skype. Naturally, absolutely all of the relevant details are confirmed upon your lesson time being secured as yours.

Singing lessons in Nottingham with Mark JW Graham - Nottingham's #1 Vocal Coach - Singing lessons are held just off Nottingham Embankment

A stunning overhead photo of our location by the Trent in Nottingham, courtesy of Robin Macey and Nottingham and Derby Hot Air Balloon Club – www.ndhabc.org.uk


The current teaching schedule can be found here, and also helpfully indicated during the booking process, which can be started by visiting this page right here.


Great question! A first lesson will start with a quick diagnosis of what is going on in your voice (you can even get a basic assessment within our Voice Academy programme).

From there, lessons with Mark will dive into exercises designed especially for you, which will directly deal with whatever is going on with your voice. You will then to get experience exactly how the application of this will improve how your voice performs in song.

For more detail on what lessons involve, check out this full explanation regarding lessons, and also see what the full package of services in lessons contain.


Because of the extremely high demand on Mark’s time, it is extremely important that students only book times they are absolutely certain they can make.

Of course, from time to time it is understandable that things come up and the odd lesson may need to be rescheduled. Every effort is made to accommodate rescheduling needs, but any rescheduling must be done within the terms (items 3-5 explain the rescheduling process).

How it works
To reschedule, adequate notice must be given. Adequate notice needs to be at least 48 hours before the day on which the lesson is scheduled. If adequate notice is not given, the lesson will be forfeit.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if a rescheduling request is made outside of working hours (e.g. before or after working hours on a given working day, during the weekend, a non-working day, or while Mark is away, etc), such rescheduling requests will be treated as having been received on the next available working day that Mark is available.

Provided adequate notice is given, a selection of alternative lesson times will be provided. If neither the originally scheduled lesson time nor one of the alternative lesson times is confirmed as suitable within 2 days of the alternatives being provided, then the lesson will be forfeit.

Important Note
While every effort is made to accommodate students’ schedules and provide useable alternative times, because of the sheer demand for Mark’s time, the alternatives we can provide are based on what times are left unbooked/available at that time, and as such the provided alternatives not negotiable. 

Rescheduling alternatives are far more restricted than the initial booking options offered to every student, which are totally unrestricted, and as such it is strongly recommended and extremely important that students only book times they are sure they can attend.


We believe in delivering unrivalled quality in every single voice lesson. Over the years, we’ve noticed that the best results come from one hour, weekly lessons. That’s more than just a good guideline or strong recommendation, that’s the unwritten rule of developing of your voice – studying regularly for an appropriate period of time each session.

As such, all our standard lessons are one hour in duration, and we do not offer half hour lessons. The reason is simple – we believe that we get the best results in sessions of one hour duration.

You can view the full selection of sessions available right here.


Of course! A full explanation in Mark’s own words can be found at this bio page which gives you a full run-down of Mark’s background, and the story behind how he developed into the voice coach that he is today.


The demand for Mark’s time and expertise means that Mark is substantially more expensive than your average person that advertises themselves as a voice coach/singing teacher. As such, he wanted to create SOMETHING to enable those who can’t book in for whatever reason to be able to get some access to his teaching, and further access to him if they so choose.

And so the Voice Academy was created. Rather than explain it in length, the best thing to do is to show you the Academy. You can create your completely free account right here, and get a full tour yourself!

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