Success Story: Michaela B

This week’s success story is from a fantastic client called Michaela. Michaela and I have been working together since she got in touch towards the end of last year, and her story and vocal development is something I think that many aspiring singers need to hear.

Many clients who get in touch already can do a fair bit with their voices, but there are many who never book in because they feel disqualified from working on their voice because they feel they don’t have a good enough voice to even start.

If that sounds like you, then read Michaela’s story and then see where you find yourself.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I attend two churches in Nottingham, one is a family church that meets on certain days and the other is a church I attend myself on other days. I mainly sing in church, but also for my own pleasure, and my love for singing has definitely come from church. It started from mainly listening to amazing gospel singers, who I think are truly inspirational in the way they use their voices and how they sound, and it’s this that was the real seed that was planted to help me develop my own voice.

Why did you want to look for someone to help you train your voice?

The reason I started looking for a voice coach was because New Year was coming up, and I wanted to find some way to develop myself in the next year, and that was the final straw to get booked in. In fact when I found Mark I got booked in in November of the same year, well in advance of the New Year just so we could get started!

What did you feel you struggled with when you were booking in?

In terms of what I’ve struggled with, I’ve found that my pitching wasn’t always brilliant, but that I just didn’t really have a love for the sound of my own voice – the tone just didn’t excite me. Above all, getting training was to develop my own voice first and foremost. As I said, I used to struggle with pitching sometimes, and – to be honest – even just listening really intentionally to music is something I never really had a solid understanding of.

What has change or developed for you the most since working together?

My tone, my range, and my pitching. Even in the relatively little time I’ve been working on my voice there has been real, measurable progress. My voice can now do things it could never do before, and can take a lot more than it ever could have before, more than I ever thought it could!

There’s now an underlying tone to my voice now that I never thought was possible to achieve, and I really love hearing that develop week on week. I was listening to Demi Lovato and some other singers and recognising how having such a solid tone can make such a huge difference, and singing with good pitch and musicality just makes it even better.

It’s definitely an ongoing journey, and I feel like it’s a day by day process, but I’m really pleased with what has happened in the time we’ve been working together.

What might you say to someone who was interested in taking lessons to develop their voice?

I’d definitely recommend anyone thinking of taking lessons to book in with Mark. To anyone thinking of doing so, if you’re serious, if you really want to see those results in your own voice, just go for it, you might surprise yourself… in fact, you WILL surprise yourself!

There you have it!

You might not like the sound of your own voice, you might feel your musicality or pitching isn’t good enough – DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU!

We have the tools to help you develop your voice, let’s work together and show you what we can accomplish together. If you’re serious about it, then I’m serious about working with you. Just click here to get the ball rolling.

Success Story: Kirsty Dare

This week I’ve actually got an extra special Success Story, because this person was so pleased with how things have gone in her voice since we started working together, that she wanted to share her journey with you. May I introduce… 

Kirsty Dare

Kirsty is a wife and mother living in West Bridgford, and she got in touch a year or two ago to help aid her voice in the more contemporary songs she was singing in her choir. Kirsty attends BeVox choir in Nottingham, which (for those who don’t know it!) is a choir that sings lots of contemporary songs as well as older classics. It’s a real gauntlet of songs for any voice.

Around the time Kirsty got in touch, she was finding there were some really challenging songs for her voice being chosen at choir. Kirsty had always sung classical soprano in any choir she had been a part of, which meant that while classical repertoire sounded great, as soon as they came to sing any rockier or poppier songs, the power in the chest voice just was not there – she felt like her voice was really struggling to keep up and deliver.
And that’s when Kirsty got in touch.

Kirsty had a browse of voice coaches and singing teachers local to her. She found my details, and started reading through my client testimonials. She said that what convinced her that I was the man for the job, was the speed and effectiveness of lessons evidenced in the testimonials. Those of you who study with me or have studied with me know how quickly we can unlock things in voices in lessons, and how even the first one or two lessons yield huge results. Kirsty initially set out just to have one or two lessons for that very reason.

By her own admission, the difference Kirsty experienced within even the first few lessons was massive, and as a result of this, Kirsty has ended up studying with me regularly ever since then! Kirsty’s voice has improved DRAMATICALLY in that time, now covering well over three octaves, and every single note from bottom to top is connected so she can move seamlessly throughout, as well as maintaining power and consistency. Awesome!
One more thing…
The thing I’ve been most impressed with in Kirsty’s voice (and especially her work ethic and attitude) is not just how quickly her voice takes on the new muscle memory we are developing, but also how quickly she ‘gets’ things that are critical to being a great singer.
I remember a conversation with Kirsty a month or two before writing this success story with her, and we were talking about vocal quality, specifically how she had been noticing it’s not just about power, range, etc, but that great vocal tone and quality simply MAKES a voice. It’s this quality she was finding was growing constantly within her own voice. It took me years to recognise that key factor, so for Kirsty to ‘get’ it and lay claim to it so early on is incredibly encouraging to me.

Well done Kirsty! Keep up the great work!

Want to write your own success story?


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Success Story: Sam

This week I’ve had a load of people in, and one of the highlights of this week was working with the following lovely lady…
Sam is a lovely and extremely successful business-woman in the Midlands. The change in Sam’s voice since she started working with me has been astounding. While Sam had a great voice when she came in, she found that she really struggled with those high notes. Sam has a very powerful lower register, and this presents a very common challenge for many singers, as the sheer weight at the bottom end of the voice actually restricts access to the higher ranges without some level of training.
In our very first lesson we started by helping her to experience those high notes with ease for the first time. Whilst she was able to muscle her way up there before lessons, it was utterly critical to help her experience what it was like to get there without just pushing her way to the top… and equally so, to learn what it’s like to sing songs without just avoiding those high notes entirely.
Sam has been working on this progressively throughout the last year and the results are really showing. We were working on the song ‘I Know Him So Well’ from the musical ‘Chess’ and we actually took the song up a whole TWO keys. As regular students will know, it’s not actually about how high or how low a song is that makes it difficult, but rather where it sits in your voice – and Sam’s voice practically begged for the song to be put in a higher key. Not only has Sam found new ease with those high notes, but her voice has actually revealed itself to be a much higher voice than she previously thought it was.
When we took it back to the original key Sam honestly could not believe how low it felt in comparison, and how much better it felt AND sounded when put in the higher key.
Now some of you may be thinking “is that even possible!?” …

… and the truth is – yes it is! The reality is, for many of you, your own vocal tendency is not just limiting you vocally but may even be fooling you into thinking that your voice is one thing, when it’s actually something completely different.
Kudos to Sam, well done for all your hard work – you’ve got a voice to be extremely envious of! Keep enjoying and exploring your new found upper range.

Feeling inspired? Want to do what Sam’s done?

If you’ve been inspired and you’d LOVE to have a story like Kirsty’s as your own, then get in touch. If you’re serious about developing your voice, we’d love to work with you.

Success Story: Chris

Chris is a singer-songwriter whose day job is also as a worship director for a large city church. Chris is essentially contracted to sing for approximated 8-10 hours every week as part of his job on any given week, and regularly has to prepare impromptu sets for last minute events.
I’m sure you can all appreciate the ridiculous demand and stress that is placed on any voice in that situation.
Chris approached me in late-Autumn one year, as he was regularly straining or even losing his voice, and also needed to improve strength and projection throughout his range. His tendency was to strain to reach the high notes, and to have an overly thinned out nasal sound as a result of an especially high larynx. We set about immediately addressing those issues.
Since then, Chris has been in weekly without fail, and the difference in his voice has been, quite frankly, staggering.
In Chris’s own words…
“The change that’s happened in my voice over the 3 months I’ve been having lessons is just incredible! Listening back to the recordings on my phone from before I started lessons just makes me realise “woah, I don’t sound even remotely like that anymore!” – it’s just the best feeling! In the past 3 months there’s been more change and improvement in my voice than has happened over all the years I’ve been singing!
“There’s a real wholesome-ness and richness to my voice now. It sounds like the strength I have in my speaking voice is in my singing voice even if it doesn’t sound as low as my speaking voice. I can sing through my range and my voice doesn’t feel strained, I can just feel it changing from chest voice to head voice but there’s no strain which is an amazing feeling!
“There have been a few breakthrough moments where something that I’ve been working on for a few weeks has just clicked, and my voice suddenly starts working on a whole new level. Regularly we will be looking at a song, Mark will be changing some things around for me, and it will suddenly feel SO much better in my voice… and THEN he’ll drop in that it’s actually THREE OR FOUR KEYS HIGHER than the original one. It’s just jaw-dropping that by taking songs higher it can feel so much better and SOUND better too! It wasn’t something I’d ever thought would be possible for me to do!
“Getting feedback from people who’ve heard me sing regularly over the past few years has been great as well. One of my friends who I do songwriting with made my day by saying that he even he feels that my singing has been taken to a totally different level. It’s an amazing feeling to get that sort of feedback in such a short space of time.

Way to go Chris! 

Chris deserves all the credit here, as he is the one putting in the work and being immensely diligent and focused with his practice and efforts, and it’s one of the reasons that students like him come out with incredible voices in incredibly short periods of time. Keep it up Chris!

Success Story: Brenda

Phew! It’s been a particularly busy week! LOADS of new students booked in and we’re already chokka more or less for the next two months… wouldn’t have it any other way!
This week we’re looking at another success story, and this is with one of my especially favourite students…
Brenda initially got in touch after searching for singing teachers/voice coaches in Nottingham, particularly around West Bridgford… and she found my site! Brenda got in touch and we got her booked in more or less within the day.
The initial motivation that Brenda had for booking in was that she wanted something to occupy time and mind… on top of that someone had once said to her that she couldn’t sing, and Brenda set out to prove to herself that she could!
Brenda has worked INCREDIBLY hard on her voice since then, and the results are staggering! There has been over an octave of range added to her voice, and she can sing with power and connection all the way up through her second bridge (think ‘Defying Gravity’ if you’re looking for a similar song range!), where previously there was only chest voice.
When I asked Brenda if she’d like to be featured as this week’s success story, she said (in her own words) that what she has got out of lessons is a great feeling of confidence in herself to now sing for her own pleasure – to sing and practice regularly, and to feel comfortable doing so at volume! In particular, she has found singing and developing her voice incredibly cathartic through trying weeks, and it’s also released her to try to sing songs she never would have dreamed of attempting (let alone singing!) before.
Brenda also wanted to add this to any potential fence-sitters:
“If you’re serious about singing, go and have a chat with Mark. I’d absolutely recommend him, and I’m quite choosy about who I get on with. Just go for it!”
Thanks for the plug Brenda!

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Success Story: Claire Vasey

Many of you want to know how to improve your own voice, and little is as effective for inspiring this than hearing success stories about how others are doing with their voices!
This week I want to feature one of my lovely students:
Claire Vasey
Claire has been studying with me for a number of years now, and she has a fantastic voice. Claire has a big passion for performing, has gigged regularly in the past, frequently winning live karaoke competitions across the region. In the last 12 months Claire has managed to not only unlock her whistle register, but she’s also starting to work on some more and more complicated areas in her voice to help promote riff-a-bility (yes, that’s a phrase) as well as more control and range.
This week, Claire came in with some exciting news – at one informal club gig she was actually approached by the owners of the club after she’d finished singing. They were so impressed by her voice and stage presence, that they have asked if they can pay her to put together a set for a two-night cabaret extravaganza – they loved her that much! Claire is now putting together sets that show off that wonderful voice of hers, and is utterly thrilled that the work she has put into her voice is getting such attention at venues that she frequents.
Way to go Claire!
We’ve got plenty more success stories. Just click here to read a few more!

If you’ve been inspired by Claire’s story and you’d LOVE to have a story like hers as your own, then get in touch. If you’re serious about developing your voice, we’d love to work with you.