Why do singers resort to gimmicks to get noticed?

I was having a discussion earlier this week regarding a mainstream artist and their vocal/musical style, and we got to discussing why a large number of contemporary artists are increasingly resorting to vocal gimmicks to get noticed. I wanted to

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Pacing yourself: “Micro-rests” and “Macro-rests”

I’ve done articles before on making sure you give yourself rest periods when practicing and singing. This week I want to expand on this in a way that most of you should find helpful – I want to discuss the

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What the Fach? Let’s talk about YOUR voice and vocal fach

Vocal fach is a topic that has been going round my mind for a while now. Vocal fach is also a topic that is rarely talked about in a helpful way. What is ‘vocal Fach’?! I hear you cry… The

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Pavarotti demonstrates covered sound

In the classical world there is this idea of the “covered” sound. What this broadly translates to is a sound where the brashness of chest voice is rounded off as the voice ascends, to create a deep and powerful sound,

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Finding “Zero” – Why we have to start with speech level

One of the comments that comes up a lot in voice training is the discussion of volume. What is the optimal volume for singing at, how loud/soft should one sing etc? While that is far too broad a topic to

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Fritz Wunderlich

If you have never heard of Fritz Wunderlich, well, you’re not alone as many have not. He is an unsung superstar of his generation, with his life being tragically cut short when he fell down a flight on stairs whilst

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Maturing of Vocal Tone

Something that comes up time and time again with voice training is “when will my tone be finished?”, or words to that effect. Well, there’s no easy answer to that. There’s so many factors that go into development of tone,

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Beauty and the Beast – Old vs New

We got an updated version of Beauty and the Beast at the cinemas recently, and we also got a new version of the title track. John Legend and Ariana Grande singing… but the original was sung by Peabo Bryson and

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Ease, strain, and time to think

The last few weeks I’ve been agonising over song choices. I’ve been visiting songs new and old and concocting a list of 10-15 songs that I like and are exciting, both to sing and listen to. One of the big

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Personality Mismatch in Singing

This is a topic that has come up a LOT for me over the years, but it feels even more relevant in the last 12 months with the challenges many of my clients are facing. What is a “personality mismatch”?

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