Three Versions of the Same Song – I Can’t Make You Love Me

One of the things I do whenever I’m learning a new song, is I try to find multiple versions to listen to – in this case, it’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. Sometimes this isn’t possible but generally there’s at least 2-3 versions of a given song out there for general consumption. The reason for me doing this is that each artist brings their own spin on a given song, which means I can hear different takes, but I can also get a better sense of the completely ‘neutral’ version of the song… the hidden structure/substrate that lies underneath singers’ versions of the song, rather than getting caught up in thinking this “ONE” version is the definitive version. Continue reading “Three Versions of the Same Song – I Can’t Make You Love Me”

Can singing lessons help a bad singer?

“I think I’m tone deaf, can singing lessons help a bad singer like me?”

“I can’t sing will singing lessons help?”

“I’m awful at singing. My tone is bad and I struggle to even finish songs, can anything be done?”

Can singing lessons help a bad singer? Broadly speaking, yes. Singing well is like learning any other instrument. It involves proper training, muscular co-ordination, learning new mechanics, and developing tone.

Let’s deal with a couple of the hidden questions or assumptions people often make when it comes to singing Continue reading “Can singing lessons help a bad singer?”

Rai Thistlethwayte – If you ever want to feel inadequate…

This week I’ve been spending hours working on my piano chops, mainly for accompaniment for singers and clients, but also it’s a lot of fun.

In searching for various players and piano sounds, I’ve been looking at some sound software called Keyscape. Their software makes lots of cool and well designed piano sounds. On their Youtube channel, they feature some great pianists who use their software – Jacob Collier, Jesus Molina, and a variety of others.

THIS guy is an Aussie called Rai Thistlethwayte… and if you ever wanted to feel inadequate about your musical ability, this guy will probably manage it for you! In this video, he does a verrrry tight groove-piece. He beatboxes. Plays synth bass AND Rhodes piano, and sings at the same time. Sickening. The groove is also TIGHT.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did (it’s been on repeat a LOT).

Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion – The Prayer

I’ve been asked to sing this song at a friend’s wedding at the beginning of the summer, so I’ve been getting acquainted with it this week during some downtime over Easter. I thought you might like to have a listen to the original version and see what I’m up against.

Now my friend’s favourite version is actually the version with Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins, but this one is in the key we’ll be doing the actual piece in (and a better quality recording)

Continue reading “Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion – The Prayer”