Michael Buble Impersonates Sinatra, Elvis & Dean Martin

This came up in a lesson this week, and I wanted to share it with you. Primarily because this shows just how much attention to detail great singers like Buble have for those they wish to learn from. They don’t just learn the songs of their idols, they learn EVERYTHING. They fixate on tiny details that the rest of us miss, then learn to create just the right shading of that attribute. It really is incredible, and very inspiring to spend time diving into your own favourite artists.
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Performance Tip #2: Have a specific WHERE and a WHO

In the first performance article we talked about having/creating a backstory to whatever song you are going to sing. The more detailed and personally invested you can make the character singing the song, the easier it is to inhabit that story and sell it… but to sell it, you can’t sell it to a blank wall, or even an arbitrary personality. You’ve got to sing the song to an ACTUAL person, ideally in an actual place.
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Why do singers resort to gimmicks to get noticed?

I was having a discussion earlier this week regarding a mainstream artist and their vocal/musical style, and we got to discussing why a large number of contemporary artists are increasingly resorting to vocal gimmicks to get noticed. I wanted to share my current thinking on this topic, in the hopes it educates and informs some of you to think a bit more intentionally about your own singing, and when listening to other singers.
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