Why pick Mark?

Quite frankly, we get more out of your voice in even just your first one or two lessons than you’ll get anywhere else. You only have to read the testimonials of our clients to see how the issues they were encountering for years were addressed in just one or two lessons, leaving them free to develop their voice and not fighting it.

"...After just one singing lesson with Mark, my problems with breathing were solved with simple exercises that strengthened the tone of my voice..."
Mandy Johnson, choir singer

We’ve had students study for years, sometimes decades, with other coaches, only to find in their very first lesson that their voices were capable of so much more, and that they were not living up to their true potential.

"I spent years with other vocal coaches & was never able to unlock the full potential of my singing voice. But after just a few lessons with Mark I noticed dramatic improvement in terms of tone, vocal delivery and control ... I am now easily able to hit high notes that I once thought weren't possible..."
Kristian Pugh, lead rock singer

With understanding of the voice and the tools that come with that, voices really can be – quite literally – unlocked right in front of you.

This is something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand it.

If you want to learn more, just explore more of our testimonials

How can Mark deliver such results?

It's a bold claim to say that we deliver such BIG results, fast. Let us explain in simple terms how we do this.

The voice is an instrument much like any other, and as such it has a functional ideal for how that instrument should be co-ordinated and "set up". When a person's voice is in balance and co-ordinated according to this ideal, extended range, ease of singing, great tone, power, etc, are all natural by-products. This means that any issues you experience with your voice and leave you feeling your voice is lacking in some way is a direct result of a functional issue of imbalance in your voice.

Your first lesson
Within the very first lesson we will conduct a fast assessment on your voice that will make it clear what your specific tendency is, and that will be explained in simple, easy-to-understand language that you can relate to. We'll then dive into specific exercises, bespoke to you, that will directly address those vocal issues you are experiencing.

Future lessons
This voice-building and co-ordination process happens in the first lesson and in every lesson thereafter to build your voice the way it should be and to help you apply that to the songs you want to sing - to give you a voice free of strain and limitation, to let you enjoy a voice to be incredibly proud of, complete with great range, stamina, and long-lasting vocal health.

If you'd like to know more about our vocal technique, you can read all about it right here

How do I get booked in?

To book your first session, you just need to click the link below to be taken to our booking page.

Our simple booking form will take all your necessary details (name, email, number, preferred days/times for lessons based on our current schedule, etc). From there you will get a reply from us with the next available lesson times that meet/are close to your requirements. To secure that time as yours you just need to follow the instructions in our reply.

We look forward to working with you!


Any questions?

If you have any specific questions you'd like the answer to, regarding location, price, and other frequently asked questions, then please visit our comprehensive FAQ section.

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