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"...After just one singing lesson with Mark, my problems with breathing were solved by doing simple exercises which strengthened the tone of my voice..."
Mandy Johnson

"...Literally after only two singing lessons with Mark, my voice significantly improved - to the extent that people who didn't know I was having singing lessons commented on how impressed they were..."
Rachel McClean

"After several years with different vocal coaches I felt that I was never able to unlock the full potential of my singing voice. After just a few lessons with Mark I noticed dramatic improvement in terms of tone, vocal delivery and control ... I am also able to hit high notes with ease that I once thought wouldn’t be possible..."
Kristian Pugh

"...Since starting vocal coaching with Mark, others and myself have noticed a significant increase in the quality of my singing voice and I have since been going from strength to strength..."
Stephen Horan

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Our students all find that dramatic increases in range, power, tone and control are completely normal even within the first few lessons. This all starts from understanding exactly what your current vocal tendency is, then addressing that with specially selected vocalises (voice exercises) that directly change the operation of your voice.

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The voice is an instrument like any other, and it has a functionally ideal way of working. By understanding this, identifying your vocal tendency, and applying specific exercises that deal with that tendency, you can see BIG changes in your voice.

Believe it or not, with the correct exercises for your vocal tendency, it is commonplace to notice dramatic increases in range, as well as big jumps in power and control in your voice.